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A novel by Diana Durbin
Copyright 2003

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This is the story of Felix.

His life makes perfect sense, at least to himself... then another world begins to seep in around him, consuming him until he almost drowns.

In the end, he is left with no choice but to confront it and find out for himself which of his two worlds is real...

Muffled Sounds is mysterious novel, with reincarnation and spirituality as its underlying themes, set amid the intriguing politics of a family business.

Some reader comments posted to this site:

"I enjoyed your novel! It was different from other books I have read. Great plot!!" - Lori

"A great novel. I couldn't put it down. This was the first time I have tried reading a novel from the internet. I would have never guessed that ending. The whole novel kept you wanting to read more. Thanks for a great story" - Heather

"I consider myself pretty good at guessing what the ending will be, then of course I have to read it to see if I was right. I couldn't even guess where you were going with your ending, but I thought it finished off great! Any author that can keep me guessing is one I will read again and again." - Pamela

"A wonderful concept. A thoroughly enjoyable read." - Debra

"Great book...easy to read, holds your attention, and thoroughly enjoyable" - Pam

"What a great story! Didn't want it to end.........really enjoyed it!" - Margaret

"Bravo!" - Lynn

"Oh yeah....bring on the rest...." -Erika


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